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Traveler's Education

Doctor and Patient

Dr. Warner's Advice for the Traveler:

everything to bring, avoid and do while abroad...

Preparing you for a safe and healthy trip...

Our Travel Medicine Specialist offers destination specific health advice tailored to our client’s itineraries. In our globalized, modern, and mobile world, over 1 million people travel internationally each day. You’ll receive an official immunization record to keep with your travel documents, along with a personalized comprehensive itinerary-specific health and travel information booklet. Each booklet details the health risks and requirements for the specific countries on your itinerary, consular information, general travel advice and tips on avoiding travelers’ diarrhea and other maladies.

As a new or experienced international traveler you should be educated about the environment you’ll be visiting.

From the dangers of sunburn at high altitude and parasitic infections; to vaccine preventable diseases and foods to avoid; our Travel Medicine Specialists will give you all the tools you need to be informed and protected on your international trip.

During your travel health consultation our travel medicine specialists will:

  • Assess your health history & individual needs based on your itinerary.

  • Provide you with the latest information on health risks, required & recommended immunizations, and safety precautions & security tips.  All information is summarized in a personalized briefing booklet.

  • Discuss precautionary measures for dietary and recreational activities.

  • Administer and prescribe immunizations and medications.

Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) - Register with the United States State Department before you travel so they can more easily assist you if needed when you travel abroad.

Helpful Travel Health Links


WHO - World Health Organization
CDC - Centers for Disease Control - Travel Alerts
US State Department - Current Global Travel Alerts
Global Terrorism Index map
 - A global display of terrorism and other suspicious events
Kids Travel Doc - A guide for traveling with children
High Altitude Medicine Guide- information for traveler's going to high mountain destinations.
Headington Institute - Support network for humanitarian workers abroad

InsureMyTrip-You should not overlook travel insurance for your upcoming trip. InsureMyTrip is the best option to compare plans and find the right coverage for you. They have thousands of travel insurance plans and a one-of-a-kind recommendation engine to help travelers find the right plan. Most importantly, they will be there for you before, during and after your trip if you should need anything - especially help with a claim with the provider


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